Summer Edition 2012

Welcome to our summer newsletter, well we are now in Mid June and so far it's been the wettest on record, here's hoping for a better July & August. One positive note from the weather so far has been just how good all our lawns are looking, still we mustn't get complacent and remember raise that mower height. Cutting too short will scorch the grass should those hot sunny days ever return!! Everything seems to be at least 2 weeks behind, 3/4 in some cases. I think it's fair to say that if any of your deciduous plants are not shooting now, it's very unlikely that they will. Certain plants have really struggled through this winter such as Palms, Cordylines, Mimosas and certain Hebaceous Perennials.The Camelias never got frosted this year because they were later in bloom and lastly all the Cherry trees were a blaze with colour,

As you might expect we have a whole host of goodies to tempt you on the Garden Centre. With the bedding plant season in full swing we have plenty of planted tubs and baskets along with fuchsias, ivy geraniums, pelargoniums, regal pelargoniums, basket plants and specialist composts. Summer is a very stressfull time for our lawns so please ensure to raise the height of your mower by at least one notch this should ensure that the grass doesn't become too parched!

Barbecueing is obviously a spontanious activity in this country, however with a sustained spell of dry weather we all find ourselves eating outdoors on a more regular basis. We have plenty of gas barbecues on display to suit all pockets. We also stock the BP gas light propane containers in both 5 & 10kg. New to the range this year are the Leisuregrow barbecues incorporating the much advertised Grillstream Technology, which channels all the fat away from the burners and prevents the food from being cremated!!

 £399.99 £99.99 £229.99


Of course one of the down sides of  these warm humid evenings, especially when eating alfresco are those nasty midgies, but worry not we have a vast range of both Citronella candles, torches, and lanterns to keep them at bay


Now that we have sorted out those midgies we can can move onto another summer favourite, the WASP. I have never really worked out what purpose they actually serve, i'm sure they were put on this planet just to annoy us!  Again we have the solution with some wonderful glass traps

                                                     WASP TRAP

I guess no barbecue or meal in the garden would be complete without some outdoor furniture, which naturally due to the weather is selling through fast. We have everything from wood & cast aluminium to resin weave and textaline. Hammocks are currently proving very popular and we have 5 models to choose from. If that event you have been planning for weeks arrives and the weather is not as you expected, you could always entertain under the Gazebo, we have both pop up and fixed models along with an hexagonal one with roller blinds.
Finally for this edition we are sad to anounce the closure of  The Bead Bar which will be re-locating. We wish Debbie and her team all the best for the future

Our next newsletter will be in the Autumn so until then happy gardening