Peat Free & Veg Composts


50L Peat Free All Purpose

Peat Free All Purpose Compost

  • Sizes 50L & 8L
  • Organic & Peat Free. Made from recycled renewable sources
  • Recommended Uses & Feeding Requirements:
  • Contains Smart Release feed granules for a season long feed for use in beds borders,hanging baskets,pots & containers
  • Advise: Not suitable for lime hating (Ericaceous) plants 







Miracle Gro Grow Your Own

  • Recomended Uses: Ideal for all areas of fruit & vegetable gardening
  • Feeding Recomendations: Feed regularly with Levington liquid Tomato Food 
  • Useful Tip: Use from Jan-Dec                                                                                              
  6X Chicken Pellets 

Vitax 6X Poultry Manure

Long lasting, nutriant rich organic plant food

  • Size:8.0kg 
  • Nutrients: NPK4-2.5-2.5
  • Recommended uses: Flowers, fruit, vegetables, trees & shrubs
  • Application Rate:  80g/m2