Housed within our purpose built 6000 sq ft showroom we have a very exciting and diverse range of giftware for all occasions, from greeting cards, to candles, vases, silk flowers, ornaments, tableware, cookware & many more besides.

Silk Flowers



                                                                         Yankee Candle



Bagpuss Junior Cozy Plush BearCozy Plush Bunny
 Cozy Plush Cow
 Cozy Plush DogCozy Plush Duck Cozy Plush Elephant Cozy Plush Panda
 GrommitHootys Brown Owl Shaun The Sheep Trolli Cat Back Pack





                                                      Creative Tops Cookware


                                                                              Sandy Bay



                                                                     Picnic Accessories


                                                                Occassional Furniture


                                                                  Childrens Seating

                                           Jams                                  Bath Bombs