About Us

Silversprings was established 30yrs ago as commercial soft fruit producer. At its peak we had some 8 acres under production, yielding in excess of  7 tonnes of fruit per annum. These strawberries were distributed through various markets from Southampton right up to Scotland but mainly in the London and the Midlands region.

SilverspringsStrawberries have been synonymous with this area for many years and in its hay day were dispatched by the train load from Swanwick. Here at Silversprings we predominantly grew the variety Red Gauntlet which cropped both in May/June and September through to November this being unique to this area. To extend the length of the crop we had early varieties produced under tunnels and ever bearing varieties in-between the two crops, thus giving us a harvest period between early April to early November. We have even sent fruit to the Covent Garden market as late as mid November.

Regrettably during the storms of October 1987 the site was completely devastated by the hurricane which ripped across the South coast. We lost over 1 acre of tunnels and several thousand metres of cloched polythene. It was at this point we decided a change of direction was needed. With the investment of a few thousand pounds we erected a 50x20 ft glass house complete with mist propagation unit. We then proceeded over the period of five yrs to propagate as many different varieties of conifer and hardy nursery stock as possible.

As the business expanded and our name became better known we diversified into other varieties of plants and started to stock sundry items such as composts, feeds and accessories, along with growing other crops such as bedding, herbaceous and shrubs. To this day growing is still a major part of our operation. The business has remained family run and can still sight to this day Strawberry customers from 30yrs ago. 

We pride ourselves very much on customer service and quality of products which are affordable to everyones pocket.

So 30 yrs on the site is now developed over 5.5 acres with parking facilities for two hundred plus cars, a 90 seater Coffee Shop with facilities for the disabled and coach parties. We also have a gardens buildings operative on site.  

So whether your looking for plants, sundries, furniture, giftware, fencing, paving, aggregates, stoneware, aquatics, preserves or just a simple piece of gardening advice we are sure to be able to help.